Project Brief

OASIS UGANDA has identified two sites for development of healthcare and pharmaceutical hubs that will incorporate manufacturing, education, workforce development, agribusiness, health research labs, world-class cancer specialist hospital and a state of the art innovation center. The two sites will incorporate our OASIS Rural Outreach and Capacity Building Programs. Uganda is positioned to lead through the OASIS Project initiatives in Africa, especially given its membership in the East Africa Healthcare Federation, strategic borders, and growing agribusiness.

OASIS Uganda leads in Net Positive agriculture, energy and manufacturing capacities that incorporate 3D-Printing of robotics, communications and other renewable systems components integral to Smart Community Development.

OASIS Uganda develops capacity in concert with President Museveni’s ͞“Strategic Guidelines and Directives for Uganda to Attain Middle Income Status by 2020͟”; and the NRM Manifesto of 2016-2021 involving Ugandan businesses and communities in commercializing new healthcare, agribusiness, and off-grid CT/Renewable Systems innovations that will engage many Ugandans through the Project Based Learning Educational Resources/Competitions that are now available.

Lyla MadrigalMs. Lyla Madrigal is the Chairman of the board for Oasis Uganda. Ms Madrigal has been involved in business development since 1992. She took on senior business development roles for major Hotels and Airlines. Ms Madrigal has amassed an impressive book of business including heads of state, celebrities and Fortune 500 CEO’s. Ms Madrigal had been Operations manager for a financial institution where she counted Doctors, attorneys and again CEO’s among her clients in wealth management and investment. Her dedication has earned her notable local and regional acclaim. In her capacity as the chairman of the board Ms Madrigal coordinates her diverse leadership team in all phases of planning and development of Oasis Uganda’s varied and extensive projects. Lyla was born in Fort-portal Uganda to Mr. Haza and princess Madeleine Kituku of Rwebisengo Butuku. Her family has always been an involved and respected members of the community. It is her dream to return to Uganda and help bring prosperity and an improved life style to her country’s population.

Iliad Terra

Mr. Iliad Alexander Terra, Partner & Vice President for Sustainable Smart Development at OASIS Uganda is a a visionary architect and designer. Mr. Terra has designed projects throughout the Washington, DC metro region, as well as internationally, with special focus on energy efficient designs and master planning in education and hospitality sectors. Mr. Terra is heading up DVA Consortium (DVAC)’s initiative in developing projects and innovative real estate investments vehicles. Currently, as a founding partner of DVAC, Mr. Terra is heading the consortium’s network of vanguard firms under the DVAC flagship as an internationally competitive US team able to access and deliver projects globally.

Robert Leipzig

Dr. Robert Leipzig, Partner & Vice President for Business Development at OASIS Uganda. In his previous 40+ year career, Dr. Leipzig was a clinical dentist, an entrepreneur creating and owning fifteen dental practices, and a consultant helping dentists in all stages of their careers transition into and out of their offices. Dr. Leipzig has been critical in bringing together our leadership team. It is a group of highly motivated individuals with vastly different talents and backgrounds, but with a single focus and dream. Dr. Leipzig believes his greatest achievement is still ahead of him. That is to help implement this dream of our founder and Chairperson to bring prosperity to Uganda and to help improve the lives of its people.

Joel Coulter

Mr. Joel Coulter, Partner & Vice President, Education & Healthcare Outreach at OASIS Uganda is a Serial Entrepreneur with over 25 years experience launching global educational, healthcare and outreach innovations to address community development and capacity building needs in rural areas. Mr. Coulter has worked with cross functional teams to set up and implement CSC’s “Leading Edge Forum” a global eLearning enterprise that incorporated a Tools Awareness Program and Emerging ICT Innovation INformation System. This helped to advance patient healthcare informatics, telemedicine, and emergency care innovations knowledgebase for private, public, and military healthcare organizations.

Haawah Vela

Ms. Haawah Vela, Partner & Vice President for Operations at OASIS Uganda, was born in Fort-Portal, Uganda to Mr. Haza and Princess Madeleine Kituku of Rwebisengo Butuku. Ms. Vela comes from a family of businessmen and community leaders. She presently resides in Switzerland where she has a strong background in business leadership and community mobilization as well as significant experience in property management. Ms. Vela will be returning to Uganda to help organize and coordinate all the OASIS in country operations.


Lyla Madrigal, Partner & Chairman of the Board
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Alexander Terra, Partner & Vice President
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