OASIS Bermuda

Bermuda is poised to set the example for island territories and nations around the world. It’s time for Bermuda to take stock and develop a sustainability master plan that will strike a balance among environmental and socioeconomic interests well into the future and assure that Bermuda, its natural resources, its marine environment, and Bermudians from St. Georges to Dockyard are resilient and thrive as our world moves into increasingly turbulent and unbalanced times. Oasis Bermuda and DVA Consortium with its full complement of innovative planners, architects, infrastructure specialists, energy experts, and investors, are prepared to guide Bermuda to a viable and sustainable outcome.

Iliad Terra

Mr. Iliad Alexander Terra, Partner & Vice President for Sustainable Smart Development at OASIS Uganda is a a visionary architect and designer. Mr. Terra has designed projects throughout the Washington, DC metro region, as well as internationally, with special focus on energy efficient designs and master planning in education and hospitality sectors. Mr. Terra is heading up DVA Consortium (DVAC)’s initiative in developing projects and innovative real estate investments vehicles. Currently, as a founding partner of DVAC, Mr. Terra is heading the consortium’s network of vanguard firms under the DVAC flagship as an internationally competitive US team able to access and deliver projects globally.

Lynn Fitzpatrick

Ms. Lynn Fitzpatrick uses her community revitalization, waterfront redevelopment, programming, and PR and marketing experience to create long-term value for all stake holders within communities. Her planning, programming, design, development, and public/private/non-profit expertise has put blighted communities back on the map and greenfield developments on the map, particularly in southeast Florida and the Caribbean. She is a public/private/non-profit joint venture specialist.