Picking up momentum…

OASIS is on course to be a powerful initiative for change.

Notes from Iliad Terra :

  1. “Today I brought in a good friend, a Naval Intel officer specialized in the energy space and in grant writing.
  2. The website is moving forward, and we just acquired new plug-ins and software upgrades for the platform today.
  3. I was in conversation with Montgomery County today where they informed me that they have assigned a dedicated caseworker for OASIS project.
  4. Two separate investors from the UAE are interested in funding the OASIS pilot in Afghanistan and now in Cuba (OASIS in Cuba will be more on the luxury resort side of the scale).
  5. The Haitian leadership have signed on to the OASIS project, and we are developing funding options for the project in Port-au-Prince.
  6. The Afghan leadership is now fully committed to the OASIS, with land assigned for the project.
  7. We are now registered as key presenters for the May Conference, and preparation for the presentation should begin next week.
  8. Chris and I will conference with the Mayor of Nipton for acquiring the development rights to the town for a Desert OASIS project — Chris has volunteered to be the onsite “GM” of the property.
  9. Josh will be exploring how OASIS will be developed as a pilot and showcased in Astana.
  10. I have started talks.”

Notes from Joel Coulter :

  1. “I have alerted Andrew that you will be coming into town, and that you will present to him your patents and concepts that we are asking him to protect internationally.
  2. I’ve also indicated to him that we will propose contractual arrangements for his consideration.”

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