Integrative design brings a holistic approach to the creative process whereby the act of designing is indeed a signature or sign beholding the creator to the created in bond.

The OASIS Project underscores the ethical responsibly of the designer and developer in creating sustainable communities that have far reaching impact beyond aesthetics and financial ROI, and develop social capital and human capacity.


Fundamental natural principles and geometries form the substrate of every aspect of our world, from design of human habitat, to patterns of our towns and cities. The same principles inform the structure of our governments and the justice of our laws.

It is therefore incumbent that a just and verdant design that charts the course of OASIS Next Gen Communities be founded on principles scripted in our very nature and championed by our highest faculties and faith.


The OASIS Project has a singular purpose, to empower individual members of the community along a horizontal and bottom-up matrix. Empowered individuals form empowered communities, which in turn produce stabilized and prosperous nations.

In order to truly generate sustainable models for today’s world, we must develop modalities that address equity of resources and question extant paradigms of ownership.


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Human understanding of, and therefore relationship with Energy has evolved throughout the ages. We are on the cusp of new modalities and discoveries of unprecedented resources of Energy that will dramatically transform our footprint on this planet. OASIS explores ethical applications of technology to cultivate new Energy paradigms.


Sustainable design must embrace the fabric of human communities as an integral part of the solution. A holistic approach to developing modern communities is a core mission of the OASIS Projects.


The natural value of the individual runs as a fundamental unit in the currency of nations. Therefore, at the epicenter of sustainable design is the empowered individual and their community. OASIS Projects develop economically viable design solutions without compromising vision.


Technology and modern thought have developed solutions that mitigate the legacy of inequity that has benefited few while burdened many. OASIS Projects explore ways in which prosperity is achieved dynamically as the platform for Next Gen communities.

Bottom Up

We believe a bottom up approach to design, where individuals are empowered and invested in their communities, naturally engenders sustainable results that create a better today and an extraordinary tomorrow.


OASIS partners with private and public leaders, communities, and governments to develop options that look beyond traditional paradigms that have reached their limits, as evidenced by the fractures of war and inequality rampant across the surface of our planet. We envision shifting the old paradigm with OASES across the world.

Time Story

Our World is faced with numerous challenges, but a historical review of global trends reveals positive developments and success stories that should be noted while we endeavor to develop communities for the next generations, and together welcome the Age of the 2nd Enlightenment.

The OASIS campaign examines the long story of human achievements and failures and envisions the next chapter in our journey. The infographs below comprise a small vignette into the human story.

Infographs on this page are produced by data Max Roser, the World Band Group, and the United Nation.

Oasis Time Story




The OASIS project draws on geometry found in nature to inform design of the communities it develops.

Forms found in Nature derive from timeless balance and harmony that permeates every aspect of our environment, from the movement of galaxies, to clouds flowing over oceans, and to our very DNA code. The elegance and mystery of the quantum universe is revealed to us through the physical manifestation and governing principles of our world.

Cities and communities planned and based on principles of these geometries likewise will exhibit balance and harmony, which is the essence of sustainable design.






The Oasis team is steadily growing with partners and sponsors both in public and private sectors, in the US and internationally.
Oasis Sponsors

Maryland National Guard Living Building Challenge Maryland Department of Commerce US Agency for International Development US Department of Energy Urban Land Institute Montgomery County Council on Global Relations Norwich University World Bank Group United Nations Development Programme Star-Tides DVA Consortium Haitian Embassy Afghan Embassy US Green Building Council Inter-American Development Bank Global Innovation Fund Kazakh Embassy Image Map



Oasis Project integrates and incubates innovation, and brings together best practices in the development and real estate fields to generate disruptive communities that respond to modern civil needs. But what is innovation?

Steve Jobs said in his famous speech: "You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something—your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.

Sir Richard Branson has a mantra that runs through the DNA of his companies. The mantra is A-B-C-D. (Always Be Connecting the Dots).


Our Team

The OASIS Project brings together talented leadership, Subject Matter Experts, and consultants that can envision and deliver extraordinary initiatives for a better world.

Iliad Terra

Project Leader

Visionary architect and designer who brings a wide range of experience to DVAC. Mr. Terra has designed projects throughout Washington DC metro region, as well as internationally, with special focus in energy efficient designs and master planning in education and hospitality sectors.

Christopher Zelov


A multi-faceted, creative, and results-oriented producer of educational film, books, and green design that aims to explore the dynamics of our transition to a post-carbon world. A brilliant visionary, master networker, and a leader in the field of Ecological Design.

Paul Gupta

Technology Officer

Brings over 28 years of experience managing businesses in the software, automation, and telemetry areas. His work has enabled products to become more efficient, productive, and therefore more competitive and profitable.

Bala Srini

Sustainability Specialist

Mr. Srini works towards developing sustainable architecture that is economically viable and locally relevant to its location, climate, culture, and its people. Mr. Srini has extensively traveled around the world and has completed 8 million SF of Green Buildings.

Dash Bahman


Competitive, innovative, and proactive sales executive and business leader, with track record of success in escalating sales, inspiring optimal performance from sales team, revolutionizing sales support services, developing strategies that exceed marketplace objectives.

Lynn Fitzpatrick

Burmuda Project Mngr

Public/private/non-profit joint venture specialist who accounts for social, environmental, financial, and other factors and facilitates the delivery of creative, sustainable strategies for communities.

Joel Coulter


Serial Entrepreneur with over 25 years experience advancing next gen mobile and collaborative enterprise innovations in response to clients’ global education, healthcare, and security needs.

Julie Brodie


As the head of a leading brokerage in Vienna, Virginia, she provides a high level of quality that meets the expectations of political powerbrokers & government representatives from around the world.


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Coming Soon!


The Oasis Project

Please enjoy our recently completed video illustrating the scope and vision of the Oasis Project.


Exciting new opportunities that transform how we envision and design our world.  The integration of technology with principles of natural law offer us unprecedented new possibilities.  OASIS Projects utilize innovation to develop dynamic and scalable communities that embrace advanced concepts holistically for a better tomorrow.